Advertise Us

As a non for profit, we are continually giving back to the community and rely on great people like you to make sure the word is out there!

If you would like to help us we have four different ways that would continue Alphabet Academy's impact into our local community.


Free Childcare

If you have a child at Alphabet Academy, we have a fantastic referral program that could see you with an entire year of free childcare!

Dinner on us

If you are someone who values what non for profits do and would like to advertise for us then we have dinner waiting at a fantastic restaurant for you.


Just for love

If you just simply want to advertise to your local community us, no strings attached then we would be happy to send you 50 fliers and 10 posters to distribute around your area.

Social Media

We have a whole social media kit that would look great on your facebook and instagram walls. If you're great on the keyboard and want to share how amazing our centers are then we would love to hear from you!