Alphabet Academy's kawa of respect

He waka eke noa

A canoe which we are all in with no exception.

1) Whanaungatanga: The relationships with our whanau is fundamental to our teaching. We are one big family. Each child comes with a unique set of knowledge and values and all will be respected.

2) Manaakitanga: We will all look after and care for each other. Children will use gentle hands and gentle words.

3) Wairuatanga: We are uniquely created, valued and loved by God. Our spiritual well-being is developed, and a positive sense of self is promoted. Children will have respect for themselves and everything around them.

4) Kaitiakitanga: We will look after both our indoor and outdoor environment. Children will pack away when they are finished with something to leave the environment beautiful for the next person.

5) Rangatiratanga: We will become leaders through good communication, by sharing and listening to the knowledge of others. Children will use their 'listening ears' when teachers and peers are talking to them.

6) Kotahitanga: We will work together; children will learn from teachers and teachers will learn from children.