The Five Love Languages


We were all born for love and communication. Relationships are vital for a person to grow to their fullest potential. We want all of our children to feel loved and valued. The Five Love Languages are based on the premise that we all have a way that we like to have love shown to us and it is usually the way that we are especially good a showing love to other people. We believe that children can best be shown love if we as educators identify their love languages:

Enjoy hugs, enjoy being picked up, having their hand held and high fives.

Words of Affirmation
Loves to be told they are doing a great job, feel valued when teachers and parents tell them how proud they are.

Quality Time
Loves to do things with the teachers and their parents, want to do jobs and errands with you, values undivided attention.

Feels good when their teacher or parent gives them something, even if it is just a flower or pretty rock found in the garden.

Acts of Service

Feels valued when teachers or parents do something special or nice for them.


If you want to see what your love language is click here