Our Spaces


Alphabet Academy has two unique locations in Palmerston North, one located in Roslyn, 525 Featherston Street and one located in Cloverlea, 237 Tremaine Avenue.

Each of our centres are vibrant, clean and spacious. They are places children want to be in that support play, imagination, invention and exploration. We have a wide range of materials and modes to support our children's development, learning and extension.

At both centers, we provide safe and nurturing spaces for babies and infants. Spaces allow for them to learn in unique and exciting ways while teachers cater to each child's individuals natural rhythms. The toddlers and young children spaces are designed to foster creativity and develop working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.  While children are in separate spaces there is flexibility to allow children to flow between rooms, in particular for children with siblings in each of the rooms.



Our Roslyn Centre boasts a homely feel for babies and infants while still being light and bright. When you enter the over two’s room you will be greeted with floor to ceiling windows out to their specially designed play area and bike track.

Our Cloverlea centre is a purpose built childcare centre with large open spaces, designated for different types of learning opportunities and play, for example, our kitchen was designed so children can watch and be involved with the cooking of their nutritious lunches and snacks.

In addition to each of these Childcare Centres the Team at Alphabet Academy has access to the Vision Complex building located at 237 Tremaine Avenue which has a large auditorium, in which our children love having mid-winter movie sessions on the big screens. As well as this our children have access to the dance studio and we are developing a dance program for our children so we can make the most our of the spaces we have available to us.