Outside the classroom


While we are incredibly proud of the facilities at Alphabet Academy we understand that some learning is best done outside the classroom. This is why we have an Alphabet Academy Van available to transport children and their teachers to other parts of our city.

In the past year our children have visited:

  • The Hospital
  • The Women’s Refuge, to deliver the presents they donated
  • The Wiggles Concert
  • The Esplanade
  • Wet Pets
  • The City Library
  • The Marae Te Hotu Mauawa O Rangitaane O Mauaucehi Marae
  • Flip It - Gymnasium
  • Local Rest Homes

We are always looking for new and exciting places in our city to explore with the children and Alphabet Academy. Do you or your family have a farm we could visit, please get in touch!

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