Our Three Values

We have three values that are core to our team culture and teaching practice      

Community | Consideration | Creativity

1. Community | Whanaungatanga

As a community owned, not for profit childcare centre we value our city of Palmerston North and the organisation and people within it, we would love for our children to do the same.

However community goes so much deeper than the community of Palmerston North, but also the community of Alphabet Academy we endeavour to have a childcare centre where when your child tells you about their day and talks about their friends you as a parent know who the other children are, know who their parents are and have strong positive relationships with their teachers. This is why we plan family picnics and get togethers so you are part of the community, that is Alphabet Academy.


              2. Consideration | Manaakitanga


Consideration is careful thought. At Alphabet Academy this means consideration for our community, consideration for the world around us, consideration of how we look after ourselves, consideration for the environment, consideration for others.

These concepts of consideration are woven into our culture through our healthy heart award/our programme. At Alphabet Academy we value the importance of teaching children from a young age the necessity to look after themselves and fuel their bodies correctly. In addition to this, our educators are all aware of the five love languages and identify these in each of the children at the centres to ensure we can meet each child’s individual needs.


            3. Creativity | Auahatanga


At Alphabet Academy we believe that it is essential that we continually foster the creativity in our children. We see creativity as making connections between different ideas, forming new ways to solve problems, essentially creativity is using imagination to create something new.

In order to nourish your child’s creativity, we will endeavour to respect your child’s individuality, accept their ideas and creations with an open mind even if they are different from what we as adults perceive to be right or correct. We allow children to move at their own pace and routines are flexible to allow our Tamariki to spend as long on a project or idea as needed.

At Alphabet Academy we provide the resources your children need to trigger creativity and the time and space to explore their ideas. In addition to this, we have incredible teachers gifted in music abilities including playing the ukulele,  dramatic play including puppetry and much more. We provide dance classes and run jolly jammers a music and story programme run by Vision Church.